How The Move is Run

Maybe you regularly come to and love The Move but aren’t clear about who we are. Or maybe you are brand new and curious to find out more.

The Move is a member-based non-profit organization run by a group of amazing and passionate individuals.

Community Advisory Council (CAC)

The CAC is the leading body of The Move Collective, run as a working Board of Directors. The CAC members are voted in at our Annual General Meeting by members of the Collective and are entrusted to make decisions on The Move’s behalf. They are responsible for making day-to-day decisions and, with feedback from members and staff, larger decisions that impact the structure or culture of The Move. They are paid an honorarium for the work that they do.

Our current CAC members are:
Lynne Catt
Twyla Kowalenko

We hold regular Post-Move CAC hours, where you can connect directly with one of our CAC members in person after The Move.

We also hold Post-Most CAC circles where you can become involved and provide input and feedback on specific topics and decisions.

Join our Facebook group, our Google Group or go to our News & Events page on our website for upcoming Hours and Circles, and others ways to connect. (hyperlinks will be embedded)

If you wish you contact either of us, please email:
Or feel free to approach us in person after The Move.

Executive Assistant

Our Executive Assistant keeps all the pieces together so that you have a seamless Move experience. She is our multi-talented juggler, responsible for stocking and organizing inventory, scheduling, online communications (website, facebook, email, google group), record keeping, Special Guest List coordination, member communications and event planning. She is the person on the other end of our email address and the one to reach out to with any questions, concerns or feedback. She will connect you with our CAC upon request. This is a paid position.

Our current Executive Assistant is:
Sara Stacey


Our facilitators are a group of individuals who care deeply about The Move and who hold the space each week for you to come and dance. They are the first point of contact for any concerns related to physical or emotional safety at The Move. For example, if the space is too hot, the music is too loud, you have hurt yourself physically, or you feel unsafe emotionally, they are there to provide support and help you meet your needs. There are two facilitators working for the duration of each Move.

Our facilitators and DJs are paid staff who regularly attend facilitator meetings and engage with the CAC, and who have been part of the development and training of safety protocols, and who have received training in CPR.

Our super Facilitators are:
Amanda Smith
Ayelet Grosbein
Elisa Hollenberg
Gregory Bonser
Lynne Catt
Michael Haltrecht
Morgan Ross

Door Fairies

Our Door Fairies are part of our Energy Exchange program. In exchange for handing out numbered cards and greeting people at the door, they receive one free entry to The Move. The position runs for 6 months and then we open the position up to new members. Once they have finished greeting people, they shed their wings and become dancers for the rest of evening. If you have any questions or concerns while at The Move, please speak with one of our facilitators.