Move Facilitators

Ariel Llama (DJ)

Ariel Llama dances improvisationally three times a week, and has been a dance enthusiast – dancing and taking classes and workshops – for more than fifteen years. He improvises music for dancers, has taught beginner classes in Contact Dance, and has deejayed more than 100 ecstatic dances. He is also a singer/songwriter and a kinetic artist; for more details, follow this link.

Lynne Catt (Community Advisory Council, Door Facilitator)

Lynne has been a movement and music enthusiast since the time she could rock in front of sound speakers, climb to reach volume knobs and sit long enough to watch Aikido classes. She has been involved in all kinds of body arts including gymnastics, dance, drumming, martial arts and massage. Lynne has fell in Love with the Move upon discovering it in 2007 and is delighted to be a part of serving the Move Collective Community.

Ayelet Grosbein (Door Facilitator)

Ayelet, pronounced ‘I-yell-it’, finds being part of The Move’s facilitating team rewarding. Helping create the space for us dancers to explore as we may while keeping the space safe and comfortable and being available as dancers need. It’s quite a special opportunity to be part of the community in this way.
From elation through to torment that unfolds in her dance, she welcomes whatever expression is present and shifting in each moment. …Finding ground as her feet stumble.

Let us dance our will in each other’s presence.

Elisa Hollenberg (Door Facilitator)

Elisa has been dancing at the Move since 2003. Her love of movement goes back to ballet and contemporary dance lessons up to 4 times a week between the ages of 7 and 17. Letting go of ballet at 17, she turned to expressive improvisational forms of dance. Elisa is the founder of Create-Move-Connect (, a community-based dance performance that features performers from The Move, Ecstatic Dance Toronto and Contact Improvisation dancers. We work together as a community, to develop original choreographed works and perform them on stage. Community members also take photographs, make videos, contribute through graphic design, take the lead in directing shows, learn stage management, compose music and contribute to this community-based show in many other beautiful and creative ways. Moving to Toronto in 2001, Elisa feels so grateful to have found dance here and the Move community.

Twyla Kowalenko (Community Advisory Council, DJ, Door Facilitator)

Twyla dances to find truth, express herself, connect with others, move through energies, be present and experience joy. Having overcome a fear that kept her from dancing freely most of her life, dance is now the main focus and love of her life. She loves to hold space for others to experience the power of dance and is the founder of the community outreach component of Dance Our Way Home, facilitates dance in the community and at York University. She is pursuing a doctoral degree in dance at York to better understand the barriers that keep us from dancing and how to overcome them to broaden its reach.

Valerie Moysey (DJ)

Valerie is passionate about dance and music as a means to connect, emote, celebrate, and build community. She’s been a conscious dance deejay for eleven years. Valerie was an organizer for The Move for five and while living in Hawaii she co-founded Bone Dancin’/HellYa!, a bi-monthly, conscious, dance jam. She facilitates sacred activism workshops which incorporate deejayed dance, journeying, sound healing, and collective prayers for the earth and her creatures (for example the BEEs). Valerie trained extensively for five years in Nonviolent Communication and has been a Sound Healer for thirteen years. She is also a bodyworker (Shiatsu, Swedish, Reiki, Lomi Lomi, and Hot Stone Massage) who companions people in their dying time.

Michael P! (DJ, Door Facilitator)

Michael P! is a multi-talented artist that hails from Scarborough. He followed his heart and his feet in 2006 which led him to street performing, contact improvisation, performing at Nuit Blanche, swing, opening for the Canadian debut of the fusion band “Dub the Magic Dragon”, hip-hop, the 5 Rhythms™ and sweet, sweet musik. He is an avid student who uses the arts to explore the human spirit and our connection.

Julia Ray (DJ)

As a dream worker, yoga teacher, body therapist… I am fascinated with human potential… which led me to create Tribal Dance Community, a collective movement exploratorium incorporating sound, theatre, art and music. Those four years were like a university degree in experiential human potential and gave birth to other passions such as DJing or rather creating sound journeys for dancers. Every song tells a story. As dancers, we have infinite possibilities…

Robbie Sea (DJ)

Robbie lives to create and dance freely through the world, with mindfulness, harmony, beauty and rhythm. He shares a love of voice, playing music, art, dance, community and relational improvisation. He maintains a regular practice of meditation, healing arts, deep magic, energy divination, storytelling and expressive movement. Ten years ago he rediscovered his childhood passion for movement and dance, and is in awe of its power to heal.

Amanda Smith (Door Facilitator)

Amanda grew up dancing and has kept on dancing in some way for most of her life. She finally found what she didn’t know she’d always been looking for when she ended up at the Move for the first time in 2013. Initially drawn in by the music and dancing, she also found community, connection, opportunities for growth, and a whole lot of fun. She enjoys being able to share the Move with others as part of the facilitator team.

Sara Stacey (Executive Assistant)

When Sara first started attending the Move a year and a half ago, she felt like she had come home. Sara loves every single aspect of the Move Collective – the freedom of self-expression through authentic movement, the sense of oneness within the community, the meditative aspect and becoming more thoughtlessly aware, the healing that happens through releasing pent up energy and emotions, the playfulness and the joyful celebration of life. Through her involvement in this community, Sara has opened to becoming more accepting of herself and others. Sara is filled with gratitude every time she steps on the dance floor and feels privileged to have the chance to give back to the community that means so much to her.

Gregory Bonser

Michael Haltrecht

Morgan Ross