Website Feedback

  • April 11, 2016 at 11:08 am #852

    Beautiful work, guys! Great design. I love the logo and the colour theme throughout the website. The blurry images that remind you of the experience but don’t show anyone in particular.
    Registering with email was very easy and quick.
    Contributing though was a little challenging. The section on the website “How to contribute” is so long and intimidating that my poor brain decided to just go ahead and try it myself. Can’t be so hard, right? Well, turned out it is and there are some important things to know beforehand that are very well explained in the instructional video… however the video is not at all obvious to find. Somebody had to point it to me and after watching it it was extremely easy to submit the posts and videos so I would suggest making that little tutorial more visible (maybe link to it on “How to contribute” page?)

    But other than that I felt very comfortable in the dashboard, being able to easily edit my profile, see all the posts pending.

    I am very happy to see the calendar of events on the right so I always know who’s the DJ etc.

    As a community member I am very excited about having a platform to share my thoughts and art work and find my people’s writings/poetry/videos about their ecstatic dance practice. I was always surprised that it hasn’t existed yet and I hope that this platform will be popular and busy! I will definitely do my part! 🙂

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