Move Facilitators

Elisa Hollenberg (Door Facilitator)

Elisa has been dancing at the Move since 2003. Her love of movement goes back to ballet and contemporary dance lessons up to 4 times a week between the ages of 7 and 17. Letting go of ballet at 17, she turned to expressive improvisational forms of dance. Elisa is the founder of Create-Move-Connect (, a community-based dance performance that features performers from The Move, Ecstatic Dance Toronto and Contact Improvisation dancers. We work together as a community, to develop original choreographed works and perform them on stage. Community members also take photographs, make videos, contribute through graphic design, take the lead in directing shows, learn stage management, compose music and contribute to this community-based show in many other beautiful and creative ways. Moving to Toronto in 2001, Elisa feels so grateful to have found dance here and the Move community.

Ariel Llama (DJ)

Ariel Llama dances improvisationally three times a week, and has been a dance enthusiast – dancing and taking classes and workshops – for more than fifteen years. He improvises music for dancers, has taught beginner classes in Contact Dance, and has deejayed more than 100 ecstatic dances. He is also a singer/songwriter and a kinetic artist; for more details, follow this link.

Valerie Moysey (DJ, Past Organizer & Door Facilitator)

Valerie loves to dance and delights in the transformative power of collective creative expression. Dance is Valerie’s “church”, her “temple”. It’s in community movement that she most easily connects with her wholeness. She believes that our greatest gift comes from aligning ourselves: mind, body, and spirit. In this light Valerie offers sound healing and bodywork sessions. She’s DJed for The Move for the past eleven years. Valerie has also created dance journeys for EDT, Big Heart Dance Camp, and Blue Skies Music Festival.

Rene Ng (Door Facilitator)

Rene is a facilitator (a.k.a. “life guard”) and a long-dancing member of The Move. He’s known for his idiosyncratic taste in distinctive sweaters and his martial-arts-inspired dance. With a beautiful smile, Rene brings his kind heart and support as a friend to the circle.

Frank Norquay (Door Facilitator, Steward)

Frank started dancing in Toronto at the Bare-Foot Boogie before there even was a Move but got sidelined for a decade when he became obsessed with West African drumming. When he eventually found his way back to dancing at The Move, he rediscovered a community that shines with so many qualities he had been trying to cultivate – authentic relating, emotional expression, spiritual exploration, deep friendship. Frank is delighted to have found these resources in the beautiful hub of dancers that come to The Move.

Michael P! (DJ)

Michael P! is a multi-talented artist that hails from Scarborough. He followed his heart and his feet in 2006 which led him to street performing, contact improvisation, performing at Nuit Blanche, swing, opening for the Canadian debut of the fusion band “Dub the Magic Dragon”, hip-hop, the 5 Rhythms™ and sweet, sweet musik. He is an avid student who uses the arts to explore the human spirit and our connection.

Michael Haltrecht (Door Facilitator)

Ferenc Szabo (DJ, Door Facilitator)


Twyla Kowalenko (DJ)

Twyla dances to find truth, express herself, connect with others, move through energies, be present and experience joy. Having overcome a fear that kept her from dancing freely most of her life, dance is now the main focus and love of her life. She loves to hold space for others to experience the power of dance and is the founder of the community outreach component of Dance Our Way Home, facilitates dance in the community and at York University. She is pursuing a doctoral degree in dance at York to better understand the barriers that keep us from dancing and how to overcome them to broaden its reach.

Judith Mintz (Door Facilitator)

A recreational and sometimes performing dancer since childhood, Judith began exploring ecstatic dance in the 1990s as an expanded somatic expression of her yoga and meditation practice. As a yoga teacher and shiatsu therapist since 1998, these days Judith integrates academic inquiry with bodywork and dance to explore somatic ways of knowing and being in community. As a feminist and empowered mother of two, Judith explores conscious relationship in both personal and global contexts. She also teaches occasional community yoga classes and offers shiatsu therapy privately. In her academic life, Judith is developing policy and practice innovations toward intersectional equity and ethics of care in the wellness communities for workers and consumers. Judith is a PhD Candidate (ABD expected summer 2018) in the Gender, Feminist, and Women’s Studies program at York University, Toronto. The working title of her dissertation is “What is Critical Yoga Studies?: Gender, Health and Cross-Cultural Consumption of Yoga in Contemporary North America.”


Carlos Gouveia

Carlos has been a regular attendee at The Move since early 2014, but has been dancing as long as he can remember, even before he tore up the high school dance floor to Rock Lobster while wearing his white Miami Vice suit. For him, dance is the place where he is most at home, the most direct path to expressing the natural vitality and joy of life. He considers it as nothing less than a spiritual practice — with all the reverence, respect, and wonder that implies. Carlos is also a multimedia designer (and the creator of this website), a musician, and an avid flâneurHe was elected to the Move Advisory Council in January 2017.