“The Move is one of the highlights of my week. There I experience a freedom to express what’s inside, to play, to experiment, to create, to listen to life. I find it refreshing and grounding to just be me with a diverse group of people who are moving and interacting with acceptance and vitality. I encourage you to check it out.”
Henry Wai, Trainer & Coach


"The Move is therapy for my soul. From the moment I step into the space and feel the music reach inside, the racing thoughts and concerns of my day slip away as I sink into my body and follow the beat to my true self. Whether, in the moment, I am stillness and solitude or passion and playfulness, I am free to express and share who I am in a safe space with kindred spirits."

Leslie Jennings
Professional Engineer & SR&ED Consultant


"The Move offers an amazing space. It is a great way to shed away the layers I have gathered during the week and come back to my rhythm and expression of whatever may be in the moment. My week melts away from me and I return to the bliss of my own dance. The night’s DJ offers her/his creative blend of theme and songscapes. The global beats and smooth rhythms inspire me on for a two hour dance journey."

Caro Cloutier
Expressive Arts Therapist & Shamanic Medicine Practitioner


"I find The Move to be a necessary component in my life, a space where I can shed layers of worry and concern and let the stress just pour out of my body. Through movement, I am able to immediately connect again with my Spirit and dance free. I have found this enjoyable, as well, to share with my partner as a part of our lives together, a beautiful facet of our intimacy as we feel one another in ways we do not in our day-to-day lives – dancing playfully, exuberantly, tenderly, passionately."

Julie Daugherty


"Dancing at The Move is like dancing in my living room. “Dance like no-one is watching you”, is the most fitting expression to convey my experience. There is no other area in my life where my spirit is as free, completely free, to express , from a source of inspiration, creative expression, or meditation. At times I find that I am introverted, moving in my own space, going within, and at other times I am playful, engage with others and make contact- physically and ‘spiritually’. The Move provides an ideal, safe space for me to be either."

Andrea Timar


"I’ve been dancing at The Move almost every week for seven years. The Move is like dancing at home but in a big space with 50 people to an amazing range of music that inspires me to keep moving. I experience no judgment. I stay in touch with how my body needs and wants to move. I am the master of my movements. By dancing with others, my repertoire of movements is continuously expanding. The more I dance the freer I become. At the same time, I’m having a great physical workout. The more I do this, the more I want to do this. No matter how I feel or what else is happening on Friday nights, I usually choose to be at The Move."




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