About the new Website

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This website is the product of a collaborative process involving many people in the community — initiated late last spring (2015) by the Move CAC members Michael Penarubia (whose colour suggestions became the basis of the logo and site’s colour palette), Twyla Kowalenko, Tanya Kowalenko, and Lynne Catt. Andrea Bussinger also started the ball rolling, but having just taken on a new job, bowed out of the process, though her encouragement was invaluable.

A logo contest was held — and there were three winners! The CAC chose to use different logo suggestions for different parts of the site. Colin Gillies provided the original logo idea, which was refined by Colin and I until we arrived at the current version you see. Olya Glotka drew the menu icons above, by hand, and I digitized and polished them up. And Sandra Taylor did the beautiful illustration you see on the Community page.


The banner images you see on the home page and other various pages came from stills selected by Micha Dahan from video footage he shot for his upcoming documentary. I splashed them with colours from the colour scheme and the site began to come to life.

And now it’s your turn! — sign up, start discussing things in the Community Forum, and contribute your news, writings, artwork, and events in the Community section.

It’s been an honour to work on this site and to be able to give back to a community that has given so much to me. I deeply thank the CAC members for their patience and support in allowing this process to unfold.

With love,
Carlos Gouveia