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This upcoming year holds some big changes in what happens behind the scenes at The Move. And we’re super excited to see how everything unfolds!

We are going to be voting in our very first community board this month!

Be part of Move history and join us!

Move AGM (Annual General Meeting aka Awesome Group of Movers!)

Sunday, January 29th


The 519 Community Centre (519 Church St)

Room 201-Fireplace Room

We’ll be doing some of that typical AGM governance stuff but in Move style – meaning a lot more fun, a lot more in our bodies, and chances for connection. Oh and did I mention snacks?

See you on the 29th!

Twyla, on behalf of The Move Collective



Here is a bit of information about each of our MAC applicants.  Come vote them in at the AGM!

I started attending The Move regularly in early 2014, following a hunch, a quiet urge, that this was an important thing for me to do. I have always loved dancing as long as I can remember, but year after year of getting caught up in all of the routines and expectations of getting older, I found myself dancing less and less frequently, and I knew that I missed it.


My hunch was right. In the past nearly 3 years, ecstatic dance, contact improvisation, and dancing at The Move in particular has become the cornerstone of what I would describe as nothing less than a spiritual practice — and I hold it with all the reverence, respect, and wonder that implies. Of all of the various settings of my life, I am most at home while dancing. Coming to The Move week in, week out, has taught me that how I show up in my dance is a very accurate mirror to how I show up in the world, and some weeks that’s been exhilarating and other weeks humbling, but always instructive. Besides that, dancing is my most direct path to expressing the natural vitality and joy that flows through me from whatever it is that put us here on Earth.

Through my regular and frequent attendance, the dance community has become very important to me. I’ve made many friends, shared experiences both light and challenging, and introduced new people to this practice. I’ve observed the positive effect our dancing and embodied self-expression has had on other people as well, and I have also seen where conflicts can arise and people can get hurt.

While my work experience largely comes from the technical skills that I use as my main way of earning a living (graphic design and website development, including redesigning The Move website, as well as video, photography, and audio), I’d also like to shift focus to the other skills, studies, and interests that have been a constant parallel stream in my life: Relationship building, peacemaking, mindful living, self-improvement, coaching and supporting others, and creative expression through a variety of media. I’ve taken courses in coaching, mindfulness, non-violent communication (though it’s been a long while and I could definitely use a refresher), and I am a regular practitioner of yoga and meditation, and a reader and learner on many related subjects.
Most of this experience has generally been on a personal, often one-to-one level, so what excites me most about this opportunity is to use and grow these interpersonal skills in the service of an organization and a community that has given me so much. Of course, I am also very happy to help in more creative or technical ways as well, whether that’s design or information technology-related or audio-visual, or in other ways that aren’t immediately obvious at this point.

Thanks for your time, attention, and consideration.

Carlos Gouveia



Greetings everyone

My name is Farah and I have been coming to the move for over 3 years now.

From my first time on the dance floor of Dovercourt House I realized I have found my community in Toronto. I am an accountant by profession with over 30 years experience including management roles which in one way or another I’m confident can be of some benefit on the Advisory Council.

It would be my pleasure to win your vote of confidence to allow me to contribute to a community I dearly love.

Best regards,
Farah Farah



I love to move and dance because I believe it is a practice that helps me feel, heal and release. I have been attending the Move Collective on Fridays since August 2016, and since then it has had a positive and uplifting effect on my personal growth. The Move Collective has also given me the chance to connect with other dancers who are on similar life journeys as I am, it has fulfilled my need for Community. I was offered the chance to work as a Door greeter in the fall, and that experience got me more interested in the inner workings of the organization. Attending the by-law meetings in the fall, also gave me a chance to learn about what’s next on the agenda of the Move as an evolving creative organization.  Being on the board (MAC) will give me a chance to deepen my understanding on how the Move Collective functions and will also give me a chance to give back to the community which has given me so much. I am excited and curious to also see and learn how the Move Collective operates on a consensus basis and how it works by valuing every member’s voices and feelings in a non-violent manner. Coming from an engineering background, I believe I can offer my organizational, problem-solving and decision-making skills for the growth of this non-profit organization.



One of the things that excites me about the opportunity of being a member of The Move Advisory Committee, (MAC), is that I have an opportunity to give back to the community which has given me so much. I look forward to the potential of being a more intimate and deeper co-creator as a leader in the community.  I resonate with the organisation’s values of personal development, non-violent  communication, responsiveness, adaptability and conscious connections. I relish the opportunity to be part of consensus decision making. Community building is a great passion of mine as well as personal and spiritual development.

I believe that my previous experience as a chairperson for a number of committees while living in a housing co-operative and in running environmental workshops will fit very well with what The Move is looking for in a facilitator. I have also been a leader in other community groups like a healing circle  and the Friendship group.  I feel that my years of experience as a Move dancer, a school teacher and contact dancer as well as being a close friend of many previous Move leaders, will be an asset in filling the role as a MAC member. I have also been a part of Create, Move, Connect as a performer and as floor manager so I  have already held a leading/facilitating role in the community and I received  much positive  feedback.

To me The Move is a beautiful, dynamic community that feels like my family.  It is a place where I heal myself and help others heal, communicate, play, connect, learn and dance of course. It helps me to shift gears for the weekend, process and let go of my week or whatever might be troubling me, in a fun, supportive and safe environment. I love to dance. This is my favourite form of dance and my favourite community with which to dance.

Kindest Regards,
Sylvie Ducharme