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Call out for The Move Advisory Council Candidates

Are you excited about the opportunities for connection and personal growth at The Move?  Would you like to be part of exploring this off the dance floor?

The Move is a member-based not-for-profit community arts organization. Just as we move, change and grow together on the dance floor, as an organization we strive to collectively embody cooperation, responsiveness, and adaptability.   We work to co-create our continued organizational evolution through collaborative governance and consensus-based decision-making.  Our work together, is supported and strengthened by our individual commitments to ongoing personal growth work.

If you’re enthusiastic about such an opportunity, we want to invite you to be part of our newly created Move Advisory Council (MAC)!  The MAC is the non-profit organisation’s Board of Directors that is made up completely by community members.

Is being on the MAC right for you?

This is a voluntary opportunity that will give you the chance to become more integrally involved in The Move’s work, especially “behind the scenes,” and to be part of a conscious, intentional, community-focused organisation. In exchange for their contribution, MAC members will attend The Move free of charge.

We are looking for community members who:

  • Have attended The Move for at least a year.
  • Are able to commit to being a MAC member for a minimum of 18 months.
  • Demonstrate a strong commitment to The Move dance community, and has attended the Move with some regularity (usually attend once a month and at least quarterly, so that s/he is current with The Move experience, and issues.)
  • Are committed to their own growth as individuals, and are aware that working in this group will stimulate an opportunity for personal growth!
  • Are willing to reflect on themselves and group dynamics, and are ready to grow their capacity to facilitate, mediate, and collaborate.  The health, happiness, and efficacy of the council are dependent upon the goodwill, creativity, and cooperation of each individual on the council.
  • Are willing to engage in a group process with the other MAC members using active listening, and participating in discussions and decision-making using a collaborative approach.
  • Are willing and able to interact and communicate with others in the spirit and practice of respect, self-reflection, self-responsibility, empathy for and consideration of others.
  • Are willing to stay at the table to connect across differences when issues arise, and consensus is a challenge.
  • Having previous experience in a non-profit or a collective where decision-making and leadership was shared, is an asset. The MAC makes decisions by consensus. Consensus decision-making requires active participation, and the willingness to compromise, negotiate, and offer and receive honest and compassionate feedback, or be willing to learn how to do so.
  • Have a willingness to consider multiple perspectives when making a decision (perspectives of MAC members, Move Stewards, Move Facilitators, and dancers).
  • Have skills in some of the following areas: non-profit organisations, consensus-based decision making, non-violent communication, conflict mediation, governance and bylaws, HR experience, leadership, community service, conscious communication, community/grassroots organizing, accounting, administration, group facilitation, and management.

And are able to commit to:

  • MAC meetings (4-12 times a year) for approx 3 hours per meeting.
  • Participating in an annual visioning meeting with the Facilitator team and Stewards in February of each year.
  • Participating in The Move’s AGM each January.
  • Participating  in an annual NVC workshop along with The Stewards (paid for by The Move).
  • Participating in any special general meetings as needed.
  • Commitment to attend at least one Move per month (MAC members attend The Move free of charge in order to stay current with The Move experience, and issues )

Four new MAC members will be approved by The Move membership in January 2017. The four members will work collaboratively and by consensus and fill the roles of co-chairs, treasurer and secretary.

If all of this excites you, please send an email with your CV by date November 25th, 2016

    • What excites you about this opportunity and how do you resonate with the organisation’s values, mission and approach?
    • How does your previous experience fit with what The Move is looking for?
    • What does The Move mean to you?
    • How have you benefited from The Move?
    • What passion and skills do you bring to The Move Advisory Council?
    • Which MAC role(s) do you feel you are most suitable for, and why?